Here at MV Legends we try to keep our pricing as simple and transparent as possible, so you know in advance what you will be required to pay. Please find below a full list of extras which are not included in the cost of your safari or charter booking.

These prices are all based on Pre-Payment before your arrival. Prices onboard will be subject to 14% Egypt Sales Tax

Cylinders Price
15L Cylinder €30.00 per week
Twin 12L Cylinders €70.00 per week
Open Circuit Deco Stage Cylinder €20.00 per week
3L Pony Cylinder €20.00 per week
Suit Inflate Cylinder €20.00 per week
Extra 2L or 3L Rebreather Cylinder €20.00 per week
Gas and Sofnolime Price
Helium €0.09 per litre
Nitrox 32% Package (12L or 15L Cylinder) €50.00
Nitrox 32% Package (Twinset / Sidemount) €75.00
Open Circuit Decompression Gas (up to 80% o2) €10.00 per fill
Stage Cylinder Pumping Fee (Rebreather) €20.00 per stage
Sofnolime €12.00 per kg
Rebreather Packages Price
Rebreather Weekly Package including CCR Cylinders, All CCR o2 Fills, 2 Stages, 2 Stage Pumping Fees €150.00
Additional Stage Cylinder €20.00
Rental Equipment Price (per day)
Harness €5.00
Wing €9.00
Regulator €9.00
Wet Suit €9.00
Dry Suit €28.00
Fins €5.00
Mask €5.00
Boots €5.00
Torch €9.00
Computer / Gauge €9.00
Full Recreation Gear (torch, computer, smb excluded) €28.00
SMB €2.00
Reel and SMB €5.00
Stage Regulator €9.00
Prices current at 8th January 2020

If you would like any additional information on MV Legends pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.