Thank you for choosing to join MV Legends. In preparation for arrival please choose with facility you will be diving with and complete the Diver Information Form requested. Please note, it is important that you only fill out the form if it is made out to your name. Don’t complete this on behalf of someone else.

Please note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and need to be completed. Please have all information and documentation ready before you begin because the form will not be saved unless all required fields are completed.

Have you been diving with MV Legends within the last 12 months? 

You will need information from the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Scuba Certification
  • Dive Insurance

Please note, it is mandatory that you have a dive specific insurance that covers you in the event of an emergency.

Thank you for your help and we very much look forward to exploring the silent world with you soon!