Recreational Diving with MV Legends

Not just a tech boat for deeper dives…

Your safari on MV Legends will give you the chance to have a relaxed week, diving some of the most famous locations in the world as well as some lesser dived hidden gems.

Many operators run their safaris like a ‘pony trek’. A well trodden route of dive sites, with little flexibility on the itinerary and timings of dives. Cramming in 4 dives per day with a night dive, makes for early starts and short dive durations to have any chance of sensible surface intervals.

By planning to do 3 dives per day with a few selected night dive location (not just where you happen to have parked every night) you can extend your dives to be more relaxed and take the time to really explore the mighty Thistlegorm or get that perfect Nudibrach photo.

  • Free Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
  • No Time Limits on Dives
  • The "Diver Lift"
  • Dip Your Toe Into Tech (Sidemount, CCR Try Dives, Extended Range Diving)
  • Instructors On Staff For Rebreather, Open Circuit and Specialities (No Freelance Instructors)
  • Twinsets and 15L Cylinders Available Onboard


The Diver Lift

Dip Your Toe Into Tech

While on Legends you will see that it is a very well equipped boat for Tech Diving, any of the guides and instructors will be glad to explain the best way to take a step into Tech diving. You can also book a space on a ‘mixed’ week where divers might be dropping to over 100m while you can dive at recreation depths. This is fantastic way to see tech diving and all our guests find they absorb a real grounding in deeper diving while not being pushed to dive deeper than they are comfortable with.

Need more information?

If you would like more information on Diving with Legends, please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Whether you are looking to join us on your own, bring a small group, or reserve the whole boat for your dive club or school, the MV Legends team can cater a trip to your own specific needs.

Explore the silent world on safari with MV Legends Specialist Red Sea Safari Boat!

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